Busy Bee

I can’t keep up with the blog, Its hard near my schoolwork..
But I will find a way somehow to keep you guys up, talking about video’s and stuff.
Soon is may break so I will have time to make a plan how I am going to manage everything.
Because I like blogging so much, but when I come home after school I am tired and I always have a load of homework ūüė¶
Buttttt I will figure it out!

Loves, Michelle


Dead on Arrival

I was so happy my camera (Canon eos 600D) came in yesterday that I cycled home like a fricken idiot. When I came home my sister already unboxed the camera (I approved lol). So I charged the battery and tried it out. But it gave an error (err 001, something with the lens and the body). So I was like am I that blonde? After a few tries by me and my dad we gave up and I went on my BFF google.
I started to get desperate after reading a few websites.
After dinner I called the helpdesk and explained what was wrong and what ‘google said’.
The nice woman told me what to do and I sended a few mails to the helpdesk.

I am in school until 16:45 (help?!) and after school I am¬†going straight to the post office to¬†send the ‘dead on arrival’ camera back¬†(that’s what I had to fill in on the form).
A new one will send to me next week and I get a part of the money back because of what happened.

So I have to wait a little longer, but I will survive, haha¬†ūüėÄ
Have a nice sunny weekend!

Spring is here

I am seriously in LOVE with this weather.
Spring officially began two days ago and since that day the weather went a few degrees/grades higher. The sun is FINALLY shining, although this winter wasn’t bad at all nothing to complain but I am excited for the sun!
To celebrate the spring I made a new theme which I think is very spring-ish and as you¬†probally noticed¬†I changed the url of my blog because I was tired of my last one. Let be honest ”miepyee” doens’t sounds any excited at all.

Something I have been really excited about the last few¬†days is the brand new camera I will recieve today. I ordered a Canon 600D and it will come in today, but too bad I can’t really ”play” with it today because I¬†am in school until 16:30 and I have to work after¬†:'(.
And tomorrow after school I will for sure, too bad I am in school until 16:45.
So stay tuned for video’s and pictures!

Enjoy the sun today!

Dream Bouncy Blush

A few weeks ago I got fascinated by Maybellines new Dream Bouncy Blush.
I saw this blush in a shopping haul from two girls on YouTube.

The next day I went to the stores, but came back with nothing.
I managed to convince my mom to go to the DM in Germany (it’s like 20 minutes away from where I live). With a smile from ear to ear I walked into the store, but too bad, they didn’t had it. So¬†I bought the Neutrogena¬†Visibly Clear¬†Pink Grapefruit¬†Facial Wash, Neutrogena¬†Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Scrub and the Maybelline Waterproof Make-up Remover. And went home (I am going to post something about these things later.)

If you don’t know what I am talking about see the picture below
Somehow this blush makes me very excited to try it.
It bounces back, its a good substance (from what I heard), Good pigment, Many choices of colours and not expensive.

The only thing is, you can’t get it in Europe and it makes me a little sad.

If you want to know more about it, watch the video below! (it makes me excitedddddd!!)
And tell me if you want to try this product.

No Buy month

As the title says, March is going to be my no buy month.
I have done this before, and it actually went really good because I saved more then I thought I would.

It is not that I am going to buy absolutely nothing, because food and drinks are allowed (I don’t want to die LOL). But I put an stop on buying things such as, clothes, shoes, make-up, care products for this month.

Yes, It will be a little challenge for me, because I want a SLR camera soooo bad.
On the other hand, if I save more then I may have money for a better (more expensive) one.
My job doesn’t pay¬†as good, but that is one of the reasons I have two jobs and the second one pays alot¬†(I recently got a big salary rise, but sadly I can’t work there every week) so I still have good earnings every month, yay me :).

Well, March started and ofcourse I start with
At the end of the month, I will tell you guys how much I earned/saved ūüôā

Have a nice weekend all!!

Carnival: Day 1


As a huge fan of carnival I try to celebrate 5 days in a row. I have always celebrated 5 days since I was a baby. I always went with my dad and he is one of the biggest carnival fans I know. When I turned 10 I was carnivals princess at school, and still I am proud of it, because I was the lucky one out of 350 children.
When I turned 12 I went away with friends for the first time and ever since then I go with cousins and friends.
The groups I went with changed over the years but for the last 3 years I go with the same people.

I went with my sister, 4 friends and my cousin to an festival yesterday (very early) we went back around dinner time and ate fries at a friends house. After that we went to the town but there was nothing really to do.
Two years back it was the place to go there so I was a little confused.
We went back home little earlier then planned, but it was fun!

I went in a painters outfit and my friends decorated it at night I went as a sister lol. Here some pictures!




I’m Sorry

I know I suck at posting daily, but hey I never said I was going to post daily.
Although I should post more because I feel like I keep you guys down.
Mostly I write about myself and stuff around me, but I like to write about other stuff also which I am planning to do.
So I am challenging myself to post more articles in a week, which I am hopefully able to because I have a very busy schedule everyday.

Little post I know, but hey atleast I posted something ūüėÄ

I hope you like the quote down below ūüôā I am really into quote’ing lately!

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